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(Lil Muk)
I said
Let’s go fuck a check up
Vvs dance my pockets full
Back then I was dead broke
Now every dead face in my pocket blue
It ain’t even her birthday
I drop 10 bands in her pocket book
I do say on her worse day she still bad
The bitch got the look

I buy her Giuseppes
I’m fucking her in my session
She say I’m a blessing
My jewelry making her wetter
No it ain’t no stains on my name
But it is on my record

I caught a case ima felon
Like who would’ve thought
I’d be jumping out wraiths
With umbrellas
No we don’t play wit no peasants
Reach for the Crown
Only right let the Draco behead him

Draco be at him!!
Kno they gonna make me a victim
The moment I let them
I am not going to settle
Niggas be biting the hand
To the homies that fed him
They only shine if I let em!!!!

I had to start to realize
that you not on my level
I just get better & better
I’m at the top
I’m just waiting for niggas to catch up

These seats in the wraith
They mustard
Better ketch-up
My shirt off & my top down
I’m on Collins
Swerving I’m scraping the forgiiii
Youngin hotter than a sauna
The Shit that I’m wearing
No you can’t afford These
I show em how to get sum money

(2nd verse)
N my pockets stay on bulge don’t need Amiri’s
Nigga betta die dat hate down less uu want meet da cemetery
Watch I make da world go round no I ain’t talkn merry
I should be shittin on niggas they was just treating me unfairly
They want me to slow it down
Do uu hear me
Almost let dese streets take over my heart it’s beatin barely
Burry my feelings deep inside da mic don’t need a earpiece
Corssed me multiple times so I want zero niggas near me

Wayyy Too much animosity wen I start winnin
Swear dese goofies me fed up da wayyyy they keep pretending
Like they was wit me from da very beginning
They got in they act n I’m not even finished
They pocket watchn tryn see wait I’m spreadin
They made it they business to stay in my business

We up da static they cannot embarrass me
We let em y’all we ain’t doin no clarity
Lights camera action if niggas ain’t hearing me
Uu can’t name a nigga dat put fear in me
I am a beast, I’m gonna eat, I like to feast, I am not cheap , talkn is cheap, look at my feet , walk wit a leak, eat at Felipe’s
Wat is da beef if uu don’t wanna meet
Killa on a beat
Gangsta in a tweet
Uu niggas sweet keep dat shit in da street
Uu niggas froggy I dare uu to leap
I can show uu how to stay outta reach
N lately I been feeling empty
I hope a nigga don’t tempt me
Catch up nigga I’m in 10 speed

Don’t hmu
Ion wanna play no games
No love in my city dats Yy I get fly wit da planes he went n built him a name now he tryna get by off da fame (fasho)
They hate wen uu get a lil change
100% of dese niggas gonna change
Listen up
I let my guard down
Dats wen I fucked up
Move wit no heart now I been so stuck up
Dis shit gettin scary
I live life no worries
Let’s go fuck a check up I was just broke last February

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Music video by YXNG K.A performing UNFINISHED BUSINESS. © 2020 Interscope Records




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