renforshort is just 17 years old, but already taking the world by storm with her teenage version of bubblegum grunge & alternative pop.
Renforshort (or Laurenforlong, just so you know) references to her music as “tastefully weird” , which is true in just the best way:
Her performance of “i drive me mad” in the Circle° showcases her ability to go deep lyrically and talk about anxiety and panic attacks while still making it sound like a party.

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The Circle Sessions is all about showcasing fresh talents, creating unique moments in spectacular locations, featuring a wide circle of musical styles.
Our live sessions present some of the most captivating and talented artists out there like Hozier, Lewis Capaldi, Freya Ridings, Giant Rooks, Welshly Arms, YUNGBLUD, Wanda, Faber, Donna Missal, Bishop Briggs, Lea Porcelain and Alex Vargas.

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