The Giver - In Theaters August 15 -
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#TheGiver is sharing the wonder and excitement of first experiences to those who never thought they'd be able to have them. These are #TheGiverFirsts

Create your own #TheGiverFirsts - Give someone in your life the gift of a first experience, or have one yourself, and share on Instagram with #TheGiverFirsts for a chance to be featured in the Memory Deposit blog at

Special Thanks To:
OneRepublic -
Videos inspired by Buried Life Entertainment -
Angela's House -

Directed: Ben Nemtin, Jay Salbert
Filmed/Edited: Jay Salbert
Producer: Ben Nemtin, Penni Thow, Brad Haugen, Olivia Zaro, Cori Weber, Alex Berdoff, Matt LaMotte, Stephen Bruno, Devon Romo, Jonnie Penn, Duncan Penn, David Lingwood
Production Company: Buried Life Entertainment, The Weinstein Co & SB Projects



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