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Callin Out (Intro)
(Yeah) (uh..) (uh..) (uh..) (uh..) (yeah)

I know shit was picture perfect, but it didn’t fit the time frame
I took advantage of my talent when my time came
Right now I’m driving through this boulevard of shame
I’ll get back to you when I don’t feel this pain
Catch me swervin’ in my lane
Blow a couple Ms on a new Bugatti, I’m insane
Walk around with my head high like who gone try me
Gotta keep a Low profile cause everything I do get leaked
I got stoned with Rosetta, I’m tryna teach her how I speak
If you bringing up my flaws, don’t televise em to the streets
I was selling books and cds on my block, so I could eat
I kept it 100, then I spent that on my piece
And until I’m 6 feet under, imma do it for the streets
I did shit you may never do in your lifetime
If she play her role I may let her carry my lifeline
I know life’s a bitch but I fell in love with a better one
Put her in her Birk’ now it’s time for me to go get her one
(Yeah) Dont put no blame on me, cause I can’t take no more (yeah)
I put this weight on me when I walked out that door (yeah)
And I can’t help that I’m so selfish, I’m ashamed
And I can’t help that I get caught up in my ways
And I can’t help that I be fuckin on ya bestie
And I move way too clean to get caught up in something messy
I know right now you feel alone but it’s okay cause you was better on your own

Pick you up when your falling down
Can you pick it up when I’m calling out, to you, to you, to you
Pick you up when your falling down
Can you pick it up when I’m calling out, to you, to you, to you

We ain’t never have no hope, so we always took a risk
Rock Bottom hit hard, but I took it like a pimp
I took everything I had, and put it on a wish
Took all the time you wasted, and put it on my wrist
Gotta hold my heart with gloves on
If I spot a opp Ill make em strip and put these slugs on
Nigga this is pain, I ain’t tryna make no love song
She feeling pain, so she don’t wanna hear no love songs
Feel like I got this weight on my shoulders and it’s holding me down My hand glued to my pistol, I might just air out a crowd
Just sent a prayer to my lost ones, i hope that they proud
You ain’t give up on me then, why you gon give up on me now?
Top dog, I got VVS’s on my leash
Get you knocked off, just to earn respect inside these streets
It’s a cold world but let me show you how my heart beat
To understand this lane you gotta sit inside this car seat
I’m still tryna figure out what changed you
Niggas mad cause I let my dick hang longer than my chains do
Step inside my world to fully comprehend what pain do
You accepted all my flaws just to show the world they painful

Pick you up, when your falling down
Can you pick it up when im calling out, to you, to you, to you
Pick you up when you falling down
Can you pick it up when I’m calling out to you, to you, to you

High off my pride like a perc but I can’t swallow it, nigga
I stood out the way but paved it for a lot of you niggas
Put the spotlight on my children cause I’m proud of you niggas
Might just let ya on a track so I could body you niggas
There’s too much levels I could stoop to
My dog got laced now he don’t move the way he used to
I wanna hug ‘em and tell ‘em I love ‘em but I’m ashamed
It’s Hard to handle the fact my brother might not be the same
And This for all the niggas who supported me
This for all the engineers I paid when they recorded me
This for all the labels who looked down and closed they door on me
I went platinum in the trenches when these niggas had no loyalty
A Year later & we only getting started
She Listen to all my songs but still ask me why I’m heartless
Tried to stab me in my back, but I still had ya shit regardless
On this Intro I reflected on my pain and went retarded.

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J.I. - Calling Out 2 You (Intro) [Official Music Video]

Music video by J.I the Prince of N.Y performing Calling Out 2 You. © 2021 G*STARR ENT, under exclusive license to Geffen/Interscope Records




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