The Band Perry - THE GOOD LIFE (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Janell Shirtcliff
Director of Photography: Reed Garber
Edit & color by Absorb.

Reno Muren
Ciara Maccaro
Ishaun Jackson
Ryan James
Anselmo Behrens
Ikue Newson

Produced by Kiley Coleman
Produced by Paige Stark
Creative Direction: Owen Thomas
2nd Unit DP: TJ Schwingle
Steadicam: Parker Brooks
3rd Unit DP: Palmer Durr
1st Assistant: Marc Gabor
Band Stylist: Christina Bushner
Band Hair: Renato Campora
Band Makeup: Lucy Halperin
Angel Stylist: Jardine Hammond
Angel Hair: Tracey Moyer
Angel Makeup: Maddie North

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