"We used a lot of blues and purple in this one. For us, we see writing music like painting or drawing a picture. When we wrote this song, we were trying to capture that exact moment when you realize you are falling in love. Even if you’re afraid. Even if you don’t want to, you are falling for them and you can’t control your heart. 'You thought you were immune to it, but now I’ve got you all fucked up.” - Bahari

Directed by: Zac Wolf

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How did I get here?
Holding on to fear
I pour my love
You wash it down
You roll me up
I smoke you out

Called you up, on your phone
Lights were off but you were home
Time moves slow when you’re alone
Pupils wide like you were rollin’
Now our bodies moving in slow motion, yea

I know you didn’t ask for it
I know you didn’t need my love
You thought you were immune to it
And now I’ve got you all fucked up
And I can tell you like too
And if I fall I fall with you
My veins are what you’re running through
And now I’m fucked up

Haunted by the way
You take away the pain
The way you move
I’m mystified
You spark my fire
Now we’re burnin’ bright

Copyright (C) 2018 Bahari.

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