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In the in-between
Stuck in shoulder to shoulder scenes
in the horror of a new place,
all these strangers make me feel strange

red hot blood in my cheeks
with every breath it gets harder to breathe
but I push on
pray it gets easier
past the chaos
I shoot like a meteor

I’ll always go
Even tho I know
hell is a crowded room

So Why do I go
even though I know
hell is a crowded room
hell is a crowded room

small talk is getting so old
it’s like I have a new mouth and don’t know the controls
But I long for
echoes from a crowd
So I’ll shake hands
Till they wear out

that’s why I go
Even though I know
Hell is crowded room
Hell is crowded room
Hell is crowded room

every free fall
I put myself through
is worth all of the fear
to sing the truth

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