Little is known about the elusive hip-hop artist Tokyo’s Revenge and intentionally so. In an interview with Pigeons and Planes (now part of Complex), the musician noted that he refuses to disclose his name, birthdate and place so as to dissuade from assumptions projected onto his music and musical identity associated with such basic facts. The indefinability of the mysterious Tokyo’s Revenge can be found even within his music and particularly in his most well known track “GOODMORNINGTOKYO!”, which went viral off of videos featuring the track on social and video platform TikTok. While classified as a Hip-Hop/Rap artist, Tokyo’s Revenge demonstrates a range of vocal abilities and manifestations with tracks such as the mellow “Drug Lullaby” and melancholic “BADNEWS” featuring the artist singing and a more Pop/R&B and Trap influenced fusion on ferociously energetic tracks like “loveme!”.


Tokyo’s Revenge’s influences similarly demonstrate a diverse range of genres ranging from Screamo and Heavy metal music to rap and South Florida sounds citing artists such as Jay-Z and Denzel Curry to Slipknot to Tyler, the Creator and Eminem. In his interview on Apple Music’s radio station Beats 1, he mentions his appreciation for “weird vocal inflections” and various styles of delivery—something that is prevalent in the various modes of delivery, mixing and vocal ranges heard on “GOODMORNINGTOKYO!”.


The self-taught musician began rapping at an early age, learning to freestyle at high school amongst his other various hobbies ranging from art to video games. He eventually recorded his first song with a friend’s equipment while staying at various friends’ couches while homeless post-high school graduation and working security guard and pizza shop jobs. True to his roots, Tokyo’s Revenge’s tracks primarily consist of freestyles with minimal writing and the singer and rapper is commited to working exclusively with friends. A genuine Jack of all trades, yet master of many, the singer and rapper also produces having learned from his friend and producer Cliiiford, who produced “GOODMORNINGTOKYO!”.


Despite having only released his first song in 2017, first EP MDNGHT in January 2019 and a collaborative EP Trapped in Tokyo with Joey Trap in September 2019, the Blac Noize! and Interscope signed musician has already been rapidly scaling the charts with more than four million monthly listeners on Spotify. Good Morning Tokyo! has peaked at #1 on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 with more than 6 million streams, peaked at #2 on Rolling Stone’s Trending 25 chart on the fastest rising songs of the week, peaked at #1 on the Bubbling under Hot 100 Billboard chart and received more than 12.3 million plays on SoundCloud. His track THOT! featuring rapper ZEDSU has peaked at #11 on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 and received more than three million plays on SoundCloud with other various tracks receiving between ten to hundreds of thousands plays on SoundCloud.


Tokyo’s Revenge’s name, as do many of his tracks and EP title, is highly influenced by Japan due to his admiration and appreciation for Japanese culture and fondness for Anime and mangas. The latter half of the artist’s name stems from a desire to prove wrong the skeptics and doubters. Given the emerging artist’s recent chart statistics and innovative music that commands both a mastery and a uniquely fresh perspective, one can confidently affirm that Tokyo’s Revenge has been doing just that and beyond with future plans to release music videos and release video games as yet another medium for his creative musical practice.