When I was writing these [songs], I was in a really dark place. There came a point in time where I was on the hospital bed for the fifth time and just sort of gave up and accepted whatever my fate would be.” Hospitalized innumerable times over two years, Danny McCook - the 21-year-old from Mission Viejo, California – embraced his forced-isolation by using it to sketch some ideas that would eventually become songs for his debut, Jungle EP. An autodidactic multi-instrumentalist, he was recording and composing completed songs before he turned 17 and was developing a career as a visual artist before being struck down with a mystery illness. Then one day… he was better. The doctors were at a loss as to what the illness was, but it disappeared. With a fresh perspective on life and appreciation of the world’s natural beauties he started travelling around California whilst fleshing out songs and documenting these travels with his brother: photographer and visual artist Isaac McCook. This collaboration has become the artwork of Saint Mesa, including the Jungle EPs cover – shot in the sand dunes near the Mexican border. It has resulted in this spiritual and nature-inspired debut EP, with all the songs pointing to specific moments in his life. Fortunately, Danny is now healthy, and, reflecting his newfound positive attitude, he states, "My goal in all this is to create a world people can escape to and find moments in, whether peace in turmoil, hope in dark times, or inspiration during creative blocks.