Born and raised in London and classically trained as asinger, she began writing music at the age of 11. She made hermusical and visual introduction to the world with “TBC” in 2016,which immediately put her on the map as an artist to watchfrom north London's fertile grounds.A complete DIY artist, Ama writes and produces her music(often with collaborators), and creates all her own visuals andfilms with her sister Mahalia; citing influence from a widerange spanning a complete love of classic film all the way tosocial activism, bringing classic and contemporary together inthe process.Her current project DDD is a three-part film and EP directedand co-produced by her, made up of a triptych of musicvideos individually set at Dawn, Day, and Dusk, following thecharacter of Ama Lou, a younger in an LA crime ring, over thecourse of a single day.