Singer Abby Jasmine found her voice when she learned to tune out what others might say. During her teens, the Staten Island, New Yorker cultivated a strong following on Vine that showcased singing, rapping, and other aspects of her one-of-a-kind personality. Now 22, the multifaceted artist has commanded even more attention with her most poised body of work, Who Cares?The album presents a singer-songwriter who touches on subjects without fear or compromise. Newly signed to Geffen/Interscope Records in conjunction with Cinematic Music Group, Abby releasing a Who Cares?deluxe edition on October 25, including four additional songs. This expanded work demonstrates even more range from an artist who is here to stay.

Recording since before she was in kindergarten, Abby Jasmine belongs to a musical family, including a father in Jazz. Since branding herself online during her mid-teens on Vine and other social platforms, Abby has proven herself as a full-fledged artist. In 2018 and 2019, she released Trap Momand two follow-up EPs: Abbnormal and I Hate You All. These releases introduced a young woman with a slick pen, dreamy vocals, and a Big Apple attitude. However, 2020’s Who Cares?marked a personal and creative breakthrough. “I used to be very concerned about other people’s perceptions of me and how they might react if I did certain things. For this album, I let go of all of that. I was completely myself with full creative control. That’s why people connect with it so much because it came from such an honest place,” she says of the title and theme. Fans especially bonded with “Stay With Me,” a song that examines codependency issues while foolishly hanging onto a toxic relationship. Its music video closes in on a quarter-million views, joining several other successful YouTubehighlights. “A lot of people resonate with that because most of us can relate,” notes Abby. “Groovy,” a collaboration with fellow self-made Internet star Guapdad4000, seamlessly merges R&B, Funk, and Hip-Hop. Colorful visuals enhance many of Jasmine’s songs. “A lot of what draws people to me is my personality,” Abby says of her bold style. “That’s what I wanted to capture in my music videos. That’s why people started messing with me on Vine in the first place.”

The authentic spirit of Who Cares?prompted Geffen/Interscope to join Cinematic in backing Abby Jasmine. The first release following the partnership is October’s deluxe edition. Of the four new songs, Abby details, “This is my B-Side. I felt like the original album was very uptempo, and I couldn’t capture that R&B side—which I love. After ‘Stay With Me’ got a lot of traction and everybody loved it, I decided I wanted to do more stuff like that.” The new material adds balance in tempo, range, and an emphasis on Jasmine’s voice. “Everybody needs a little R&B in their life,” explains the singer who sometimes raps. One of these new tracks is lead single “First Day Out,” a collaboration with Cinematic family member, Smoke DZA. The song, complete with a hometown music video, was inspired by leaving the house for the first time since quarantine.

After months of working and playing video games at home, Abby Jasmine is stepping back into the world sharper at her craft and more confident in her creative instincts. “Something is clicking for me right now, and I can’t let it go,” she explains of this current breakthrough. After a few transformative years in the game, this singer-songwriter intends to leave her mark on music.