Big Kay Beezy

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  • Biography
  • Grew up in south side Chicago
  • 18 years old, has been rapping his whole life since he was 4 years old
  • Been recording since he was 14 years old
  • Inspired by his father, Tupac, Young Pappy
  • Favorite artists: Polo G, Lil Baby, YoungBoy
  • Would describe his style as a mixture of gangster rap and melodic inspirational rap –very versatile
  • Growing up was hard; but having both parents alive (even when divorced) helpedbecause he cold get both their opinions and criticism/discipline
  • Not having a lot growing up, and losing more, made him more hungry and made himwant to make his guardian angels proud and to give his parents what they couldn’t givethemselves
  • Family and loyalty is his main priority — does everything he does for em
  • Grew up with 2 sisters (one older one younger) and he was in charge of protecting themwhen his dad was at work; after divorce, they were all with mom so he was the protector